Ripoll Advocats - Advocats Andorra


Subjects for assessment

Company and commercial law:

the incorporation, amendment, merger, dissolution and winding up of Andorran companies; the drawing up of minutes; purchase and sale of shares and/or holdings; the drawing up of contracts between companies.

Law of inheritance:

the drawing up of wills; notarized statements of acceptance and declarations of inheritance; legal handling of declarations of heirs in cases of intestacy.

Tax and financial law:

assessment of tax matters in the Principality of Andorra; introduction to banks; opening of bank accounts.

Civil law:

claims for debt in and out of court; civil liability; the drawing up of any type of civil contract.

Family law:

legal handling of separations and/or divorces; the drawing up of agreements governing these; the handling of registrations of stable couple unions.

Labour law:

the drawing up of work contracts; consultancy for businesses and wage earners; labour disputes.

Criminal law:

consultancy and legal representation in any criminal case.

Real estate law:

the drawing up of deeds for the sale of real estate; purchase and sale of real estate by trustworthy realtors.

Condominium law:

attendance at co-owners meetings; consultancy in co-owners’ disputes; the drawing up of notarised deeds for the divisions of condominiums.

Administrative law:

the handling of active and passive residence permits; administrative appeals against any administrative decisions; representation and defence in matters for litigation.

Lease law:

the drawing up of lease contracts; the filing of legal claims for sums owed and/or for eviction; the handling of the conveyance of business premises.